Latest 'Gatsby' Trailer Dominated By Florence & The Machine's 'Green Light'

Latest ‘Gatsby’ Trailer Dominated By Florence & The Machine’s ‘Green Light’

So you’re either going to roll your eyes or squeal like a teen fan-girl at the third trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’. At the junction of where how everything should look and sound, meets where Baz takes it, is a seriously gorgeous song by Florence and the Machine (and a cover by Beyoncé).

‘Over The Love’ takes its cue from ‘the green light’ of this rapidly souring fantasy, and is a breath-taking, Oscar-worthy piece of music.

This promo gives another window-shopping view on the accuracy of the movie’s costuming, to the period, and indeed to the book. ‘Worth a view to let Florence Welch’s pipes bend your ear all the same.

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