Beyoncé Confirmed to Contribute to 'The Great Gatsby' Controversial Grey Areas

Beyoncé Confirmed to Contribute to ‘The Great Gatsby’ Controversial Grey Areas

It will come as no surprise to anyone with a pulse, that Beyoncé has recorded a track for the forthcoming Gatsby film adaptation. America’s sweetheart with her fingers in all the pies, is said to be recording a duet with urban-dandy, Andre 3000. The duo will follow executive producer Jay-Z and his protégé Kanye West’s lead onto the movie’s soundtrack with a cover of Amy Winehouse’s tragic modern ballad, Back To Black.



From a style perspective, both Mrs. Carter and Andre are given to a good old rummage in the costume closet, so any associated video will be interesting and no doubt rife with retro, over period. The inclusion of yet another ultra-modern element in Baz Luhrmann’s highly anticipated blockbuster may only bolster the controversial grey expanse the production has created in the Venn diagrams of costume and fashion, and period and pop-culture. As Chris Laverty of the delicious costume blog, Clothes On Film eloquently puts it:

Costume and fashion design are two entirely different animals; put them together and there is no guarantee they will get on.

The same goes for music and set, but the producers have made it clear they are firmly branding the period with ‘now’. 

In terms of reflecting the occupants of West Egg in the early 1920s, who knows how off-kilter the movie will appear to avid fans of the book, with pop-culture icons Beyoncé, West, Prada and Jay-Z (the latter arguably a contemporary manifestation of a Fitzgerald character) in play creatively.

Read more on Fitzgerald’s relationship with style and class in ‘The Style of Scott and Zelda‘.

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