Baz and the Book: Jordan Baker is Strong, Smart and a Lot Sexier

Baz and the Book: Jordan Baker is Strong, Smart and a Lot Sexier

Jaunty; athletic; self sufficient. Jordan Baker might be the closest thing to a modern woman in any of Fitzgerald’s fiction. Fitzgerald’s Jordan wore tennis dresses–a fine-gauge knit, a boxy line,  a pleated skirt, v-necked and sleeveless. Fitzgerald’s Jordan is awkwardly masculine, abrupt in her mannerisms.

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Baz plays Jordan strong: a black, backless evening dress that feels far too revealing under the arms for the period; a beige cloche hat with an enameled archive Tiffany pin; tortoise shell sunglasses.

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She is lithe yet heavy—the hair, the makeup, the black tulle headpiece. A little like a Siouxsie and the Banshees fan. Jordan maintains the aloofness, almost coldness she has in the novel.

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Baz’s pink-lipped version is sexier and more sexual.  Much like Fitzgerald, he uses Jordan as a visual and intellectual foil for Daisy, with her lace overlays, fluffy furs, and little girl expectations.

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